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A syllabus that makes learning interactive and fun is enforced here. A great amount of emphasis is placed on a balanced teacher-child ratio (1:20) to ensure every child gets personal attention. Songs, phonetic awareness, hands-on material and written work are among the few activities focused on to build a strong foundation in children for their early literacy.

The curriculum and activities at Good Shepherd includes:

encourage children to use their senses to explore the world around them.

help children develop a love for books and reading and develop pre-writing and writing skills through the use of stories and themes.

which are taught through a hands-on, practical approach so that fundamental concepts are properly understood.

such as dramatic play, creative play and play with sand and water.

provide children with an opportunity to make their own investigations and carry out simple experiments.

help our students develop their creative side through different art and craft media, through music and drama.

help in the development of strength, balance, stamina and co-ordination.