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We use a mix of conventional activity based learning blended with interactive smart class, making early classroom learning  more  engaging and interesting.

At good shepherd kindergarten Learning  is  based  on  the  following  broad  principles

  1. Children must  participate in  their  own learning
  2. Children must be  able to  learn through experiences of touching, moving,listening, seeing, hearing and speaking.
  3. Children  must be  given a platform for self-expression.

We targets  Holistic Multiple Intelligence development of Logical, Musical, Linguistic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Kinesthetic(doing), Visual, Naturalist intelligence a little child possess

Smart Kindergarten  @ Good  Shepherd - Features & Benefits

  • 1
    Audio visual classrooms
  • 2
    Interactive  smart kindergarten software
  • 3
    Printed work sheets  for children
  • 4
    Regular Art craft  creative session
  • 5
    Systematic assessment and monitoring
  • 6
    Personalised indivdual attention for each child
  • 7
    Personal groomimg and activity sessions
  • 8
    Out door play area